Desert Star has medical personnel available for assessing, evaluating, prescribing psychiatric medication, and /or monitoring mental health disorders which may co-occur with one’s addiction. Medication management services for Desert Star clients are available. We also offer Neurofeedback!

Services are available from a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). Services are provided to Desert Star clients only, on an individual basis, as needed.

Medical Treatment of Alcohol or Opioid Dependence

For clients with alcohol or opiate dependence, a combination of medication and therapy can sometimes be the most helpful course of treatment. Vivitrol is a monthly inject-able drug designed to help people 18 years of age or older maintain abstinence from alcohol and/or opiates. Vivitrol must be taken only after one has stopped drinking and/or using opiates, maintained abstinence, and in conjunction with enrollment and participation of one of our Intensive Outpatient Programs.


What is neurofeedback? All organs of the body seek equilibrium, or homeostasis–even the brain. In essence, neurofeedback restores the brain to its natural state of balance.                                

How does it work? Through a cognitive/psychological process, the essential imbalances are first identified. The software then produces feedback in the form of highly individualized sound waves and, in many cases, visual imagery. Over time, neurofeedback participants learn to “train” their own brain patterns into a healthier way of functioning.

How does neurofeedback fit in with other treatment at Desert Star? Neurofeedback is a complimentary adjunct intervention, that can be very helpful in addressing massive imbalances in the brain, such as addiction. It enhances, but does not replace more traditional forms of individual and group therapy

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