Eating Disorders -Self-assessment

If you identify with two or more of the following statements you have a tendency towards an eating disorder. It is encouraged that you seek counseling help.

  • People tell me I am thin, but I still feel fat.
  • I believe that If I were thinner, I would like myself better.
  • I obsess about food – (i.e. content, calories, portions) for a significant period of the day.
  • I prefer to eat by myself rather than with family or friends.
  • I feel irritable and depressed if I don’t get my full program of exercise in.
  • For 6 or more hours a week I exercise vigorously.
  • I fear I will be unable to stop eating once I start.
  • When I overeat I panic. I attempt to make up for my overeating/consumption of calories through, i.e. starving, rigorous exercise, vomiting.
  • My family and/or friends are concerned about my eating habits.
  • In my life I have been using food to help regulate my emotions/provide as a replacement for relationships.
  • I have obsessions/behaviors around food that I prefer to keep secret. i.e. hiding food, cutting food into small pieces, counting/checking rituals.
  • I take laxatives or diuretics when I feel bloated or uncomfortable after my food consumption.
  • I binge and purge more than 3 times a week.