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For men seeking recovery from internet pornography addiction, sex addiction or sex and love addiction:

Our Grace Foundations Intensive is the gateway to our Full Grace Program.  Participants identify and begin to explore memories, issues and feelings that are most often at the root of compulsive sexual behavior.  This workshop is a series of 4 group sessions over 5 days that combine educational, experiential and creative art modalities.  Each participant receives an individual assessment before the workshop and an individual session near the end of the workshop to discuss personal progress and clinical recommendations for future care. Partners of participants are encouraged to attend our half-day Grace Partners Workshop.

Our Full Grace Program is our new 7-week Intensive Outpatient Program.  Men who complete the Grace Foundations Intensive may be eligible for this newly streamlined program for longer recovery support.  Clients attend 3 groups per week to continue their educational, emotional and physical recovery progress.  This program includes 4 individual counseling sessions.

We still offer Grace Phase II Program to graduates of our Full Grace Program.  This group meets twice monthly for continued support and is contracted with the client for 10 groups at a time.  Clients receive one individual session during each 10-group segment of Grace Phase II.  This continuing care group can be attended for as many 10-group segments as the client and staff deem as helpful.

We hope you will contact our office at 520-638-6000 to ask any questions about these programs .  Our Grace Foundations Intensive is starting on January 30, 2017.  Most major health insurances cover some or all our Grace Foundations Intensive and Full Grace Programs.